Did you know there is a list for every endangered animal? It is called the Red List.


  • Least Concern - These animals are mostly getting by fine.
  • Near Threatened - May become threatened in the near future.
  • Vulnerable - High risk of becoming extinct in the wild.
  • Endangered - In danger of becoming extinct in the wild.
  • Critically Endangered - Time is running out for this species.
  • Extinct in the Wild - This species can no longer be found in the wild.
  • Extinct - Sadly these species have disappeared altogether.

The red list is made up of 7 categories. Just imagine these categories are like different sections on a bookshelf. Every book fits into a different section depending on the type of book. Well every animal fits into a red list category depending on how endangered it is.

This list can be simplified into four main sections - safe, threatened, endangered and extinct.

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